Cabomba Caroliniana (Fanwort)

Cabomba Caroliniana (Fanwort)

This is also recognized as watershield. The main attraction of Cabomba is its delightful appearance. The leaves are light green in colour and spread out in fan-like form from a central stem, and supply a great retreat for young fish. Cabomba isn’t especially great for spawning, as the leaves aren’t sufficiently dense.

When planting you need to remove the foliage for about 2 in. from the bottom end of the stem to make certain no leaves afe buried in the sand to turn out to be a possible source of decay.

Cabomba Caroliniana is one of the plants which could be bunched, but not too tightly. If they’re tied together with a thin strip of lead whenever you purchase them, the ends should be broken off, and there will then be a great chance for the stems to take root.

This plant is not particularly hardy or an excellent oxygenator and should be regarded mainly as a decoration.

Cabomba caroliniana rosaefolia is really a rosy red selection that may be utilized to contrast with the general greenness of most aquarium plants.

These could be propagated from cuttings.