Filling Water in Aquarium

There is a correct and incorrect method to fill an aquarium.

Initially make certain that your tank is perfectly flat and doesn’t stand on two corners only. If it’s unevenly balanced, the bottom should be packed with little pieces of aluminium or any metal. Cardboard or wood should not be utilized as the thickness varies with temperature and dampness, and puts an uneven strain on the tank, which will eventually trigger a leak or crack the glass.

To fill your aquarium, place a sheet of newspaper on the sand, which has been placed on the bottom of the tank, and pour water gently on to it. The paper will rise with the water level, and stop a direct stream of water disturbing the sand. A saucer laid on the sand is another technique. Water-can with a sprinkler rose offers a great technique of filling gently. Don’t at any time use hot water as it softens the cement.

Aquarium must be over 2 ft in length should be filled gradually to permit the glass and frame to settle and for this reason I advise you to half fill your tank within the morning and finish the job within the evening. It’s nearly usually greatest to use old seasoned water. The water should be drawn from the tap and left for a couple of days to age. It can, needless to say, be left within the aquarium to season, providing no fish or plants are introduced.