Blue Gularis (Aphyosemion Coeruleum)

Blue Gularis (Aphyosemion Coeruleum)

Blue gularis vary somewhat in colour, but usually the body is a yellow-brown that darkens on the back, and lightens to a blue white on the belly. The lips and gill covers are blue but the gill covers are also marked with red streaks. These streaks are also present on the fore component of the body. The rear of the body is marked with red dots, together with a couple of vertical bars. The dorsal fin is green-blue and tinged with red at the base, the somewhat big anal fin is greenish, dotted red, and blue fringed. The caudal fin is reasonably big and has 3 ‘tails’. The upper is blue marked with red dots and streaks; the middle is red and yellow; and also the lower is blue-green streaked with red. Females are paler in colour.

An overall colour effect of blue is experienced when viewing this species in a great light. This isn’t strictly a community fish; it prefers rather unique conditions, and even though it is not a troublesome species, it has a decided liking for fish little sufficient to be eaten.
It a lot prefers old water at a temperature not in excess of 74° F. It doesn’t like to be subjected to very strong light.

Aquariums containing blue gularis should be covered to stop the fish jumping out. Adult fish grow to about 4.5 inch.

Keep in mind this species is carnivorous and should only be fed with live foods.

Breeding temperature should be about 70°F. Eggs are laid singly either on, or near, the bottom, and can take a long time to hatch. Fry aren’t challenging to raise.

Fish Name : Blue Gularis
Scientific Name : Aphyosemion Coeruleum
Average Temperature : 73° F
Reproduction : Oviparous
Natural Location : West Africa