Lemna (Duckweed)

Lemna (Duckweed)

Duckweed is a normal sight round the edges in our ponds and lakes, forming a green mantle which, from a distance, is very easily mistaken for scum. This is almost particular to be Lemna minor, and is suitable for both heated and unheated aquariums.

These dainty small floating leaves make a rather pretty roof for an aquarium and could be utilized to cut down light. A strange factor about this plant is the reality that it doesn’t appear to stop or impair the surface of the water from absorbing oxygen from the atmosphere.

When obtaining Lemna from natural waters, keep in mind that it’s likely to harbour considerable little life, some of which are certainly undesirable characters, in-cluding hydras and trematodes. Truly cleanse the plants prior to putting them into an aquarium containing fish.

There are 12 species of this genus, four of which are native. Lemna trisulca (ivy leafed duckweed) is most likely the most attractive, being a miniature replica of ivy. It’ll not die in a poor light, but will grow a lot much better if subjected to strong light. It is an perfect plant for keeping the water truly clear.

You’ll discover duckweed an asset inside your aquarium, but bear in mind that it tends to be challenging to control in an outdoor pond.