Red Spotted Copeina (Copeina Guttata)

Red Spotted Copeina (Copeina Guttata)

Even though not a especially glamorous fish, C. guttata has the benefit that it is simple to breed and to raise the fry, so it is a great species for the novice to try his hand at breeding.

Body colour is grey-brown with a bluish sheen and also the belly is very pale, nearly white. The body is marked with red spots which form longitudinal rows, and also the fins are yellow tinted. The edges of the anal, ventral, and caudal fins are orange to red.

Generally fish confined in an aquarium art* smaller than those discovered in the wild, but with C. guttata the opposite is true. Aquarium specimens will grow to about 4 inch, occasionally larger, whilst those from natural waters rarely exceed three inch.

An aquarium about 12 inch x 12 inch x 24 inch is perfect for breeding, it should not be smaller. The pair of fish form a depression in the sand into which the eggs are deposited and fertilised. The male then assumes guardianship by driving the female away and fanning the eggs. The numbers of eggs are prodigious; any number up to a thousand might be deposited during one spawning, and these should hatch in 48 hours at a temperature of 75° F. The female should be removed instantly after spawning, and also the male as soon as the young fish are totally free swimming.

These are hardy fish that have a wide temperature tolerance from 60° to 90°F and flourish well at the usual average aquarium temperature of 75°F.

Fish Name : Red Spotted Copeina
Scientific Name : Copeina Guttata
Average Temperature : 74° F
Reproduction : Oviparous
Natural Location : Amazon Basin