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Do you find the world of aquariums fascinating and ever-endearing? Can you talk about fish-food, fish-life and fish-care like you know these things better than your own breath?

Of course, you’re one amongst us!

We’re looking for fish-lovers like you to become guest-bloggers for our website. We appreciate your passion, knowledge and wisdom. It’ll be fabulous to have your passionate posts about fish-keeping and aquarium-care on our blog. We’re quite certain that your contributions will enrich our blog and audience.

What’s in it for you?

Very simply put, every published guest post gets a credible link back to the author’s website. Contributing on our blog will give a huge boost to your website’s SEO and search engine ranking.

When you use sensible and relevant anchor texts in the post to link to your website, it is likely that most of our reader will click on it to know more. You’ll get verified and interested traffic for your website. This is a terrific opportunity for you to reach out to a huge audience.

Who are we looking for?

We’re not hiring permanent writers for the website. We’re only looking for guest bloggers. You don’t necessarily have to be an expert or a professional. All we’re expecting is someone who has a sincere passion for fish-keeping and knows the subject well enough.

You may have gained enough experience tending to your own fish or maintaining an aquarium. That experience really counts. You can give us your clever insights and practical tips.

Your writing skills

It is important that you have decent writing skills. Please read a few of our posts to understand the quality of content we’re expecting.

Your post should come with impeccable English and grammar. The content and writing style should be captivating enough.

Use a conversational style in the post. The content should not sound dreary or overbearing. Our audience expects friendly tips and guides.

Please take some time to format and present your submission. Ensure that the content is presented in a clear structure with distinct paragraphs, headings and subheadings.

Guidelines for Guest Post

You may already have some experience writing blogs, but that won’t automatically reserve you a publication on our website. We’ll be selecting guest posts for publication based on a strict editorial review.

  1. Please adhere to the following guidelines while drafting your post. This will improve the chances of your contribution being featured on our blog.
  2. Please target at least 1000 words in your guest post. Preferably your post should be between 1000-1200 words in length.
  3. You can include a brief author introduction too. This will add more credibility to your post. Please limit the length of your introduction to about 100 words.
  4. You can include one outbound link in the post. Please refrain from being overtly promotional with the anchor text though.
  5. If you’re including an image with the post please ensure that the media is licensed for free-use.
  6. We want absolutely unique and original content for our website. Please don’t send us content that has already been published elsewhere.
  7. Give us fresh content! Please don’t write on topics which have already been covered on the website.

Guest Post Topics

Here are some niche areas to guide your ideas. You can choose a specific topic under any of these broad areas.

Fish keeping

Fish keeping is hardly a leisurely hobby. It’s a full blow obsession. There are many new fish owners who do not realize the intricate aspects of fish-keeping. Your valued tips and ideas can help our readers become more responsible and care for their fish.

Types of aquarium fishes

There are so many species of beautiful fish. But unfortunately most people limit their pet fish variety to goldfish. You can introduce our audience to the wonderful world of aquarium fishes.


Fish tanks and aquariums are an extensive subject for exploration too. Your post can cover aspects of aquarium characteristics and buying guides.

Aquarium plants

Plants and green life are great for the aquarium ecosystem. We already have a few articles on maintaining plants in the aquariums and fish tanks. If you have some new information and tips on this subject, please send in your contributions for the guest post.

Fish food

You can always send us detailed guides about fish food and feeding tips. The post shouldn’t be too general.

Fish accessories & products

We’ll love to have your views and suggestions about popular fish accessories and products. You can also share any hacks, tips or DIY ideas for accessorizing fish tanks and aquariums.

Fish diseases

Many new fish keepers are unaware of the diseases that can plague the fish. They may often ignore important symptoms of diseased fish and may even lose their fish as a result. Your guest post can inform our readers about the types of fish diseases, their symptoms and how to avoid them.

Tropical fish-related topics

You can also contribute any other content related to tropical fish that would make an interesting read for our audience.

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