Fin Rot (Cyclochaetiasis)

This illness generally affects the suggestions of the fins and tail initial. It gives them a frayed and split appearance, as if they had been torn in combat. If allowed to continue in this condition the fish will surely die. It might be, needless to say, that a fish has nibbled the fins, but it is much better to be secure than sorry, and in instances where treatment is essential the following should be observed.

The rotting procedure is indicative of poor health. A conditioning diet of daphnia and chopped earth-worms will assist to put the fish on the road to recovery. The affected parts of the fins should be removed. This is fairly effortlessly done by holding the fish in a wet net and using a pair of sharp scissors, paint the stump with Friars Balsam afterwards.

Bath the fish in water to which 10 drops of 2.5 per cent answer of mercurochrome per gallon has been added. The fish should be left for a period of 20 minutes, but remove it sooner if it shows signs of distress.

A simpler technique would be to immerse the affected component in a answer consisting of one component water and one component peroxide of hydrogen (20 vols). This treatment should be carried out twice every day.