Barbus Ticto

Barbus Ticto

The Barbus ticto isn’t a especially brilliantly marked fish, but it is of sufficient distinction to be included here.

The species is effortlessly recognised by the red edging of the male’s dorsal fin, which becomes especially brilliant during the breeding period.

This red edging is also present on the female, but it is usually so faint as to be non-existent. It is, nevertheless, just a little much more noticeable at breeding time.

Body colouring is mainly silver with a hint of yellow, and there is a vertical dark bar just behind the gill cover, the only other marking is a dark spot on the body slightly behind the anal fin.

Even though this is a barb they don’t, in reality, have any barbels.

An average length for a fully grown adult is three.5 inch. It is a very active species, continually frolicking around the aquarium. Its exuberance might be taken for aggressiveness as they nudge other fish in playfulness, but rarely do any real harm.

The are fairly an simple fish to breed in the standard manner.