Thick Lipped Gourami (Colisa Labiosa)

Thick Lipped Gourami (Colisa Labiosa)

Attaining a length of 3.25 inch, the thick lip gourami isn’t so especially thick lipped as the name would have us believe. It is the squat mouth which gives this impression.

It lacks the much more distinctive markings and colourings of the other gouramis, but makes up for this by its lack of timidity.

The sex could be determined by the shape of the dorsal fin which ends in a point on the male, and is slightly shorter and much more rounded in the female.

It breeds according to the standard description at a temperature of 80° F. The eggs, which are transparent, float to the surface.

Fish Name : Thick Lipped Gourami
Scientific Name : Colisa Labiosa
Average Temperature : 73° F
Reproduction : Oviparous
Natural Location : Burma