White Worms (Enchytraeids) – Live Fish Food

White Worms (Enchytraeids)

White worm cultures are becoming the number one standby of modern fish-keeping for winter feeding. These little white worms, a relative of the earth worm, are about die exact same size as tubifex worms.

They’re cultivated in a big tin containing damp soil, bulb fibre, or peat, and also the nature of the soil should be such that it doesn’t pack tightly, and you should mix lots of leaf-mould with it. The original culture which you insert into the soil might be bought from a fish dealer.

Feed the culture, either by stirring in oatmeal (or drop it into holes in the soil made with a stick or pencil), bread wetted with milk, mashed potatoes, or Bemax. The worms will prosper and multiply. Don’t overfeed, as it’ll turn the soil sour. If this should occur, nevertheless, begin a new culture with some of the worms from the original one.

Place the tin in a cool place, a cellar if accessible is ideal–the greatest temperature is around 60°F.

Prior to feeding white worms to your fish, thoroughly rinse them in water for about an hour to remove any dirt or parasites. A pair of tweezers is helpful for separating worms that have congregated in a bunch.