Pristella Riddlei

Pristella Riddlei

The Pristella riddlei was initial imported into Europe in 1924 and this quick-moving exotic fish has been extremely regarded by aquarists ever since. The females are about l.75 inch long when fully grown, and also the males are slightly smaller.

The ground colour of the body is silvery-grey with a soft brownish sheen, and it is almost transparent. Other characteristic markings are a dark spot just behind the gill covers, black and white patches on the dorsal and anal fins, and slightly lighter patches on the ventral fins. The base of the dorsal is lemon yellow, and ends in a white point. The streamlined forked tail has a reddish tint.

Sexes could be decided as for H. flammeus. A further indication is the dark area seen in the transparent belly. In the male this area is rather pointed, whilst in the female it is much more rounded.

It is essential to have a well matched pair, if effective breeding would be to be obtained. Breeding is much more or less standard, but courtship is slightly various. Spawning generally takes place in the early hours of the morning. They press together and swim in a circular motion to the surface, where the eggs are dropped over the plants. In two or 3 hours, about two to 3 hundred eggs are deposited. Instantly after spawning the parents should be removed.

The eggs hatch within two days. The fry are visible, looking like tiny glass splinters on the plants, and also the sides and bottom of the tank. Early feeding should be with pond infusoria, as the home-cultured is a lot too large for their mouths. They could be nursed via the initial ten days on this feed, and then they’re large sufficient to take micro-worms.