Round-Tailed Paradise Fish (Macropodus Chinensis)

Round-Tailed Paradise Fish (Macropodus Chinensis)

This fish is very comparable to M. opercularis. The most obvious distinction is in the tail, which is rounded in both sexes. The body has slightly less red, and also the markings are less distinctive. The male might be identified by his much more vivid colouring and larger fins.

At breeding time the body of the male becomes suffused with blue-black, and speckled with many light coloured spots.

Adults attain a length of three inch.

These are peaceful fish and they’re not worried by lower temperatures; 65°-73°F being an average range. Maintain temperature usually below the 75° F mark.

Fish Name : Round-Tailed Paradise Fish
Scientific Name : Macropodus Chinensis
Average Temperature : 70° F
Reproduction : Oviparous
Natural Location : East China and Korea