Feeding Marine Tropical Fishes

Feeding marine tropical fishes is much more challenging than feeding freshwater species. Their natural (bods are virtually unobtainable, and they don’t usually take to dried foods, as a result, we should offer substitutes from the accessible live foods and meats. Little quantities of tubifex, daphnia, white worms, blood worms, shrimps, and bits of fish and meat will offer a reasonable selection.

Brine shrimps, Arlemia salina, are an outstanding addition, but owing to their little size they’ve to be fed in big quantities to satisfy any big adult fish. Young guppies and mollies could be bred and fed as a live food.

They’ve the benefit of being readily acclimatised to salt water. This is accomplished by adding, over a five-week period, one ounce of salt (Tid-man’s or sea-salt) to every gallon of water once a week. They’re then ready to be put into the marine aquarium.

It is essential to keep in mind the susceptibility of salt-water aquaria to pollution. The fish should be fed every day, but any uneaten food should be removed if not consumed within a period of about 15 minutes.