Photosynthesis – Oxigination of Water in Aquarium

Plants not only supply decoration along with a means of simulating natural conditions, they’re also functional in the sense that they assist to supply oxygen under certain conditions.

All animal life, and this needless to say includes fish, take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. Plants, on the other hand, under the influence of strong light, take in carbon dioxide via their leaves and give off oxygen.

This is an over simplified explanation of photosynthesis, but it does demonstrate the functional aspects of aquarium plants.

As stated previously, oxygenation of the water in an aquarium is far more dependent upon the area of the water exposed to the atmosphere than to the plants it might contain, but the benefit of a well lit and planted tank is in the capability of the plants to absorb some of the carbon dioxide.

It’ll be appreciated, as a result, that the fish and also the plants have some relationship with regard to their capacity to assist in the sustenance of every other, so it’s not surprising that planted aquarium with out fish rarely prosper.