Tubifex Worms – Live Fish Food

Tubifex Worms

The main attraction of tubifex worms is the reality that they could be obtained all of the year round, and they’re also a substitute for daphnia. These thin rusty-red worms are relished by most fish, and when a bunch is dropped into the tank there’s usually a rush to be the initial customer.

Tubifex worms are generally discovered in localities like little estuaries and flats of streams where there is lots of mud and silt.

The mud which contains the worms is lifted widi a spade, put into a muslin bag, and washed in the stream to remove all but the worms. If tubifex are left in a shallow container, with about an inch of water, they’ll unite into a mass, and it is then simple to transfer them to your carrier jar.

Tubifex left uneaten in the tank separate from the bunch and scatter about singly, digging one end into the sand, and weaving as though in a strong breeze.

Don’t store a big quantity in a jam jar as the weight of the top ones will kill the lower ones. Tubifex should be stored in a bucket or big tin into which a slow steady stream of water is flowing. The bunched worms can occasionally be separated with a stronger jet of water, which will wash out any dead and rotting ones.