Clownfish (Amphiprion Percula)

Clownfish (Amphiprion Percula)

The clownfish has a lot to suggest it as a fish for the beginner. It is reasonably simple to obtain, it is not too big; about 2 inches long. It is very colourful, and most essential it is hardy.

Clownfish are brilliantly and dramatically coloured a rich yellow, with 3 irregular white stripes; one near the eye, the second from the dorsal fin to the under-belly, and also the third on the root of the tail. The design is further enhanced by thin, jet black lines edging the white stripes, and with black edgings to the yellow-brown fins.

In their natural habitat among the coral reefs they’re very territorially minded-having selected a particular crevice they’ll guard it against intruders. In the aquarium they’re lively and busy, but they’re harmless.

Clown fish are partial to young guppies, brine shrimps, and also very fine pieces of raw fish. They’ve not yet been bred in an aquarium.

Other varieties suitable for marine aquaria include A. ephiprion along with a. sebae.