Temperature of an Aquarium

To maintain tropical fish in the conditions to which they’re accustomed, it’s essential to maintain the temperature of the water at an average of 70° to 75°F. You will find numerous methods of doing this according to the facilities at the disposal of the tropical fish lovers.

Whatever technique of heating is utilized, its purpose would be to maintain a reasonably constant temperature range similar to the requirement of the fish.

It should be realized that the temperature of the water in an aquarium isn’t the exact same throughout; this is simply because heat rises. The lower regions of the tank will probably be cooler than just below the surface, fairly a couple of degrees cooler in reality. Fish in natural waters are also subjected to these conditions; as a result it’s not unnatural to them. To obtain average temperature readings, the thermometer bulb should be positioned midway between the surface and also the bottom.

The majority of thermometers are calibrated in degrees Fahrenheit, and all references in this website are to this scale, but should you wish to convert to degrees Centigrade the following formulae could be utilized:

(Deg. C x 9/5) + 32 =Deg. Fahrenheit
(Deg. F – 32) x 5/9 =Deg. Centigrade

There are three methods of heating an aquarium tank which are as follows:

  1. Electrical heating of aquarium
  2. Oil heating of aquarium
  3. Gas heating of aquarium