Myriophyllum (Water Milfoil)

Water Milfoil

Here is a plant of delicate fern-like beauty, and also the thin abundant leaves, which are attached to a central stem, form a ideal spawning plant. It floats naturally just below the surface, which is perfect as a protection for young livebearers, and should you use them to catch the eggs of spawning fish you need to plant in a thick cluster.

If utilized usually, the stem ought to be stripped within the exact same manner as Cabomba prior to planting.

Myriophyllum alterniflorum is a British species, and like all of the Myriophyllums it requirements constant replanting and pruning.

Myriophyllum pinnatom is a species from North and South America, and it is a red-bronze colour. M. lippuroides is a species from North America that’s likely to turn red or brownish-red if subjected to strong and ample lighting, this most likely is the reason for its typical name ‘red myriophyllum’.