Silver Tetra (Ctenobrycon Spilurus)

Silver Tetra (Ctenobrycon Spilurus)

This is an old tropical favourite fish. It is not seen now so a lot, most likely simply because it requires lots of space.

It is not a especially colourful fish. Its main attraction is the silvery mirror-like high quality of the flat body which reflects subtle tints as it flashes about the aquarium. The only markings it can boast are two black spots, one behind the gill cover and also the other at the tail root. The fins have a yellowish tint.

The silver tetra, when fully grown, attains a length of approximately three inch, and it is very active. Whilst this feature doesn’t exclude it from the community tank, it is not advisable to put it in with fish that would be disturbed by such activity. This fish feeds well on both dried and live foods and is fairly happy in fairly low temperatures between 65° to 70°F.

When in breeding condition, the anal fin of the female becomes suffused with red. An additional sex indication is the body size-mature females are generally slightly larger and deeper in body than the males.

Breeding isn’t challenging if the fish are in condition along with a big tank, say 30 inch, is utilized. Water should be at a depth of 10 inch and at a temperature of 75° to 80 °F.

The addition of a glass partition between the pair will enable the aquarist to watch for signs of the breeding urge. The partition can then be removed. Last thing at night is the very best time to do this. The eggs, generally about 200, adhere to the plants and hatch in two days.

Fish Name : Silver Tetra
Scientific Name : Ctenobrycon Spilurus
Average Temperature : 70° F
Reproduction : Oviparous
Natural Location : Guiana