Tiger Barb (Barbus Tetrazona)

Tiger Barb (Barbus Tetrazona)

The tiger barb is a very active, clearly defined fish. The general colouring of yellow is striped with four definite bands of black, one of which passes via the eye. On a great specimen, the dorsal fin has a dark base variegating via red to faint lemon. The ventral fin is red and also the edges of the tail are also streaked with red.

The average length of the fully grown tiger barb is 2 inch Regrettably, when they’re about 1 inches long they seem to reach a critical stage, and are likely to be delicate. Once this stage is past, nevertheless, they’re reasonably hardy.

The most dependable technique of sexing is by the fuller body of the female, judged near breeding time.

Breeding temperature is around 85°F, and also the process is the exact same as spawning the egg-layers. Keep in mind they like eating their own eggs, so plant thickly and remove the parents instantly after spawning.

Tiger barbs present themselves greatest in an aquarium when about 40 of them are shown in a school.

Fish Name : Tiger Barb
Scientific Name : Barbus Tetrazona
Average Temperature : 75° F
Reproduction : Oviparous
Natural Location : Malay Peninsula, Borneo