Marine Tropicals

This small selection of fish suitable for marine aquaria has been restricted intentionally. It is true that experienced aquarists have successfully maintained sea-water tanks with a a lot larger selection, but it should be stressed that keeping marine tropical is considerably much more challenging than keeping fresh water tropicals.

Natural foods are challenging, nearly impossible, to obtain and we need to resort to near alternatives. The confines of the aquarium offer a very restricted volume of water when compared with the sea, and small is recognized about treatment of the fish should they turn out to be sick.

To experienced fresh-water aquarists, marine aquaria provide a challenging and exciting stage of progression, but to the novice it can prove an costly and exasperating encounter. Of all of the fish living naturally in salt water, very few will adapt themselves to the confines of the small aquarium in the house. The following short list is intended as an introduction to marine fish and provides suggestions of fish that will be kept satisfactorily in the house aquarium.

In general, the temperature suitable for these fish is between 70°F and 75°F.