Yellow Gularis (Aphyosemion Gulare)

Yellow Gularis (Aphyosemion Gulare)

This fish is very comparable in numerous respects to the blue gularis, in reality the blue gularis is considered to be a larger sub-species of a Aphyosemion gulare. The latter is only about 2.5 inch long when adult.

Body colour is yellow to pale brown marked by dark reddish brown mottling on the fore component of the body, which modifies gradually into vertical bars at the rear of the body. The dorsal fin has a red line and carmine flecks. The anal fin is pale yellow, flecked with carmine. The caudal fin is red, streaked with red-brown on the lower component.

Females are usually less colourful with less mottlings and have colourless fins.

It breeds in a comparable manner to A. coeruleum, but not so readily.

Live foods should be the staple diet of this species, as it is strictly carnivorous. Nevertheless, it may occasionally take a mouthful of dried food.

Fish Name : Yellow Gularis
Scientific Name : Aphyosemion Gulare
Average Temperature : 73° F
Reproduction : Oviparous
Natural Location : West Africa