Malayan Loach (Acanthophthalmus Semicinctus)

Malayan Loach (Acanthophthalmus Semicinctus)

The Malayan loach, also recognized as snake fish, snake worm, half banded coolie, and Malayan eel, at a fast glance could effortlessly be mistaken for a tiny eel. Even though decidedly eel-like, a second glance soon corrects the initial impression.

The main body colouring is of a salmon pink hue, but this colour will vary with various specimens from pink to beige or orange with a distinct pinkish colouring near the gills. The dark markings are brown and form half bands; these bands are on the upper component of the body and aren’t normal in shape. They might even have a light spot. Two of the maxillary barbels are on the tip of the snout. Specimens provided for sale in this country rarely exceed 2 inches.

A. semicinctus has occasionally in the past turn out to be confused with a comparable species; A. kuhlii. A. kuhlii could be identified by comparison of the dark markings which extend from the back correct down to the underparts.

Other species in the genus are A. kuhlii kuhlii, a sub-species from Java, along with a. kuhlii sumatranus, an additional sub-species from Sumatra which has less bands and wider interspaces. Borneo’s contribution is really a. shelfordi with dark bands tapering as they near the lower portion of the body. A second row of patchy markings are placed between the main markings.

The Malayan loach is a scavenger, and is fairly helpful in clearing up any food left uneaten by other fish. It is a nocturnal fish, lying up most of the day behind rocks, or hidden in among the plants. It’ll, nevertheless, soon discover to turn out to be active during the day, once acclimatised.

Small is recognized about their breeding habits at present.

Fish Name : Malayan Loach
Scientific Name : Acanthophthalmus Semicinctus
Average Temperature : 75° F
Reproduction : Oviparous
Natural Location : Malay Peninsula and Arehipelago