How to Net a Fish

First find the proper shaped nets; rectangular ones are the best as the area of mouth is largest. They could be obtained in 3 helpful sizes. You’ll most likely require all 3 as it is hopeless to chase a quick moving fish with a net 2 in. x 1 in., and likewise it is ludicrous to net 0.5-in. fry with a 6-in. net, as damage to the fish will probably be nearly inevitable. Let patience guide you initial, and encounter later.

The perfect method to net your fish would be to use two nets simultaneously-one net to catch, and also other to guide the fish. Very small, newly hatched fish should not be handled. They should be netted and brought to the surface still really in water, and then removed in a big spoonful of water.

Fish tend to jump about when netted, and it is whilst doing this that injury is most likely to happen.’ They might even jump clean out of the net. The net should as a result be deep sufficient to form a bag that may be closed with the totally free hand.

A helpful device for netting very little fish and fry, could be made by cutting the bottom away from a little rectangular net, and replacing it with oiled silk. The oiled silk retains a pocket of water to protect the small fellows.